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Is Teaching in the Metaverse That Far Off? Lessons Learned from a Higher Education Case - The Qualitative Report 2023

Presentation given at the annual conference of The Qualitative Report, 2023. Teaching and learning in higher education have forever changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this…

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NSEE: Reflections on our Past, Foundations for our Future: NSEE Legacy Leaders Speak

Session Description: It’s not often that we have a chance to hear from the early leaders of our profession speak in real-time about those early days in the field, how they navigated, and what…

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Sharks in Blue Oceans: How NSU Freshmen are Becoming Civic-Minded Professionals

This is a presentation that was given at Nova Southeastern University's Health Professions Education Symposium on Saturday, January 21. The theme of the symposium focused on active learning. In…

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Experiential Education and Learning (ExEL) Qualification Process Overview

Introduction to NSU's experiential learning program and how to qualify a curricular or co-curricular opportunity.

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What is ExEL and how do I qualify a course or co-curricular opportunity?

This 25-minute presentation by Marti Snyder, Ph.D., Professor, and ExEL Faculty Coordinator is designed primarily for faculty to learn more about NSU's ExEL program and how they can qualify…

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